The Tower, Clock and Bells

The Large Bell

The church used to have a carillon – eight tubular chimes. The holes for the ropes for this can still be seen in the tower vestry ceiling. These did not produce much sound and became dangerous to use. In 1996 a new bell was sourced. This ‘new’ Bell was cast by John Martin of Worcester in 1650 for St Giles Church Sheldon where it remained until 1992. It was re hung in St Margaret’s tower in 1996


The Clock

The clock is believed to be original to the church but was reconditioned in 1949. It was made by Gillet of Radciffe Terrace, London and is one of their earlier ones. When working it would strike on the hour. There were two weights – one for the strike and one for the clock. It is the hang of these that has been blocked by recent tower renovations and the reason why the clock is not working at present. Investigation are being made into developing an electrical winding mechanism.

The small bell – the clock bell, came from the original chapel of ease that was at the roadside and the bottom of the grave yard

The Small Bell