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Listen to some past service recordings from Rev Dave – The most recent recordings are podcasts and are available online – search on Spotify or Apple for ‘Rev Dave from Wensleydale’

Lopsided Christians 26th May 2024

5 ‘Key Keeps’ 12th May 2024

Grow up – abiding in Jesus  28th April 2024

Power in the name of Jesus 21st April 2024

7 Days that changed the world Palm Sunday 2024

The unfairness of Grace

Godly Resolution to Challenge – 17th September 2023

Harvest – 10th September 2023

We believe – 3rd September 2023

 Click HERE to watch all videos or listen to audio recordings of services in our resources archive

Details about our Telephone Service

To access the conference service you simply telephone this number at 4pm on Sundays:-

Tel: 03330 164757
You will be prompted to enter the Room Number89327700# and PIN2772#