Facing Giants

Facing Giants

David is very like us – he was always facing Giants in his life – we know of Goliath a physical giant posing a physical threat, but just like us he faced other ‘Giants’ other challenges as well: opposition to who we are, opposition to our ideas, ridicule, temptation, failure, fear – we all face giants of one kind or another – that will always happen … what matters is how we decide to respond to them. I don’t like bullies – I never have, but not all ‘Giants’ are people – if we’re not careful we can allow situations to bully us as well – they can swiftly dominate our thinking and sap our strength if we let them – disease, debt, fear, failure, disappointment –
David teaches us how to face our giants – he didn’t always live a life that was victorious or good – he failed and messed up like we do but he can teach us a great deal about how we face our challenges.
If we focus on Giants we will fall but if we focus on God our giants will – David refers to God 9 times and only 2 on Goliath. David’s mind and attention was on God – 9:2 ratio – do we have that same approach? Do we ponder God’s strength 4 times more than our weakness? God’s forgiveness 4x more than our mistakes? If not – maybe that’s why our Giants are seeming so big.
How deal with challenges the David way?
1.Focus on experience of God and victory of the past
David remembered the Lion and the Bear and how God had helped him defeat. Remember the victories of the past. If you haven’t got any then now’s the time to create some memories of victory – ask God for help. It builds your confidence – you’ve done it before you can do it again …

2.Pray – don’t face your giant on your own – face God first before you face your Giant. When David did that he succeeded – when he didn’t he failed. So often we need to ask for forgiveness for trying to do it all on our own – acknowledge we need help and ask God for that help.

3.Make a decision that the giant will not have the victory over you and then move towards the problem. Typically we run away from problems – with God’s help run towards them. Sickness you will not bring me down, broken relationships you will not have control of my future, fear you will not have control of my mind and my actions –

4.David took 5 stones – be ready – Goliath had relatives – what if he needed another stone? Be ready to be persistent.

When we look at our problems they always look bigger than we are – we need to change our perspective – so often our giants cast a shadow over us because we let them stand in front of us