Celebrate the Light

I’ve always found the dark nights a challenge. Not that I dislike the glories of autumn or the stark beauty that winter can bring, but perhaps because as a child it signified less time to go out and play. Others, like my daughter, positively embrace the opportunity to move to the ‘winter wardrobe’, increase the layers and snuggle down.  Light plays such an important part in our lives; it creates a focus, it alters mood, it can help us feel secure and content and all living creatures have a natural affinity to move towards it. Light shows us the way. Light helps keep us safe. Light shows us where trouble may be hiding. With the current distress, anxiety and challenges we are facing together as a result of the virus, it is good to focus on good things, the things that bring light into our lives. For Christians, the word of Jesus ‘I am the light of the world’ John 8:12 brings hope & life. St Oswald’s will be holding an hour of prayer over 5 days:  Oct 27th – Oct 31st, 5pm – 6pm, to celebrate the light, to celebrate all things good and to pray for God’s light to shine into the darkness that many are feeling right now. It would be lovely to welcome you there, to pray for our homes, our families, our communities and our nation; for safety, for strength …. For Hope.