Christianity Explored



Here is an exciting opportunity  to explore the BIG questions in Life; What are we doing here? Who is Jesus? Why did he die? How can God accept us? What does it mean to be a Christian?

We all have questions and you may know someone very close to you who has them as well.  This course creates the opportunity to explore them in a friendly and relaxed way as a group.


The meetings are all based around Mark’s Gospel and follow a pattern of discussion and watching a short DVD presentation. Our aim is to begin each meeting with a shared meal at 6.30pm. The sessions would begin at 7:15 and finish at 8:30pm.

The course will be held at Sycamore Hall in Bainbridge on January 26th, February 2nd, February 9th, February 23rd, March 2nd, March 9th March 16th.

There will also be a dramatic and musical performance of the full gospel in St Oswald’s Church on the evening of Thursday the 30th of March.

Contact Dave to book your place call 01969 667553 or email